Treasure and Magic

Treasure will be listed here on a per session basis. Items that need identification will be described IF there is time between sessions to do so. If there is a disparity between the player's list and here, please either notify me via email, or make a note in the comments section.

Session 2:

  1. Elven short sword +1: A slim silvered sword decorated with gilded oak leaves and the elven king's own sigil. Its name is 'Utashi', which is willow in Elven. *There is more dweomercraft upon the blade that is impossible to decipher w/ the identification magic currently available to the party.
  2. 100 gp in two oilskin bags
  3. 6 bloodstones of 25 gp value each
  4. Gold and silver from goblin bat riders: 40 gp and 61 sp (I mistakenly overlooked this during the session...apologies)
  5. 2 rubies (eyes of statue) 300 gp value. Each has a slight enchantment on it.
  6. 67 gp and 212 sp from rubble in front of statue
  7. Masterwork dwarven heavy crossbow (symbols of the strange demon carved upon the stock...the arms are shaped like bat wings) 90 gp value
  8. Masterwork dwarven full plate mail (festooned w/ demonic bat motifs) 200 gp value
  9. Urn containing 2 potions of invisibility and a strange dwarven charm that seems to increase the cleric's ability to think clearer. (Mechanics: +1 to Wisdom)
  10. 40 gp for the return of each freed prisoner from the Regent of Wildsgate (you have not met him / her yet...But obviously you will. And will be hailed as heroes in Wildsgate for doing such) for a total of 480 gp!! (Big haul, and something I again failed to mention at the end of the session. My bad.)
  11. 8 bolts of rare silk worth 50 gp ea. (400 gp)
  12. 3 large tapestries worth 75 gp ea. (225 gp)
  13. Masterwork black-iron flail (used by Azubal)
Experience Total from treasure: 2180 xp / 6 = 414 xp ea. 

Also, don't forget that you don't get experience for magic items unless you sell them. (And who the hell sells magic items?)