Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wildsgate Part 1

*1 square = 10'

Here are a few things that the two PCs Gerald the (once) Pious, and Rohval of (help me out here Keith), have found out in their brief time in Wildsgate.

The fastness known as Wildsgate is built atop a high ridge of exposed rock. Stone walls protect half the fortress, while the other half is guarded by a steep cliff. With the exception of the citadel and watch towers, most buildings are two-story, the lower story consisting of dark stone, timber frame uppers, with plasterwalls and thatched roofs.

Wildsgate NPCs of Note:

  1. Marshak the Reeve: A enormous man w/ a trimmed red beard, bald head and tattooed arms, carries an axe over his back. He makes a point of greeting (and sizing up?) all newcomers to Wildsgate.
  2. Nazost the Scrivener: (commonly found w/ Marshak) An older man w/ a pronounced limp and a "crooked" back. His black smudged hands are busy as birds, writing all details of each visitor in his ever present Book of Names. (Note: His secret passion is the study of Dwarves...will pay for any new information surrounding the lost dwarves of the Foehammer Spires)
  3. Ancilith: ("Ancy" to the locals) The owner of the Mug and Blade tavern. An ex-adventurer..or so they say. She's "one of the guys" and can be found leading bawdy drinking songs late into the night. Quite pleasing to the eye as well. Green-eyed, long scar running down the right side of her face.
  4. Hilto Foibold: Runs the Falling Star Inn (owned by Lady Aborn). Is a tidy, courteous man of middle years. Very efficient and fairly non-descript, as far as that goes.
  5. Father Motter: Runs the chapel. A man of the cloth (but which cloth?)...Advancing years but surprisingly spry of step. Very accommodating and willing to involve himself.
  6. Aldred of the Azure Legion: A young fellow met at breakfast in the Falling Star Inn. Eager and bright eyed. (Was...now quite dead. See Role Call of the Dead)
  7. Clifford: A massive bear of a man. Impressive red beard, sprawling, thickly-plaited hair under a horned helm. Wears poorly kept ring hauberk and fights w/ a massive hammer (maul really). Can be smelled from 5 paces and is not the brightest of the bunch, but keen on finding treasure. (Note: Has a map obtained from a "witch"...Shows small valley, wherein lies barrow(s). )
  8. Lady Aborn: Sister to the reigning duke. A descendant of the original Baron Wulfrun. Raven haired and reputedly a stunning beauty.
  9. Baron Wulfrun: The progenitor. From all accounts, he was only slightly less wild than the surrounding area he conquered by strength of arm.
What went before: ( a brief recap )

Our heroes entered Wildsgate just as the sun was setting and the gates were closing for the evening. They were met by Marshak the Reeve and Nazost the Scrivener, where they gave their names and intent while in Wildsgate. They asked after an inn and tavern and were directed to the Mug and Blade tavern as well as the Falling Star Inn.

Rooms at the Falling Star were obtained for 5 gold a night. A total of 3 nights was paid for and the comfortable room (locking and barred door, locking chest, wooden "barred" windows, wash basins, clean tick mattresses, clean linens, breakfast and dinner included.), located at the top of the stairs to the immediate right was given the thumbs up. Cleaning up they ate a hearty supper and went for an apertif to the Mug and Blade next door.

25 to 30 individuals of all stripes filled the Mug and Blade. A boisterous song was being led by a woman standing on a table. They were immediately greeted (after the song ended) by Ancilith the owner. The first round of drinks were purchased and she told them to beware the Foehammer Spires, for they were extremely dangerous. There was a reason the Dwarves of old disappeared.

During the course of the evening Toothless Ed was plied for information: Apparently the Foehammers are cursed and all that go there are destined to eat the flesh of their own kind! Also, long ago, a thief stole from the Wulfrun Family and hid the cache just before passing this mortal coil. But where?!? Rumor has it that he expired in the Foehammers...naturally.

The next morning the duo is approached by Aldred and Clifford, hoping to entice them on a jaunt into the countryside in search of reputed treasure. A map owned by Clifford shows what can only be the area previous to the Wildsgate Fortress being erected. And in it lies a small village and a barrow mound...wherein lies TREASURE!

On the way out they catch a glimpse of the famous Captain Argun and the Outriders. The vaunted road patrols.

A short jaunt down the King's Highway and they reach an obviously ancient copse of apple trees. There they find a body strung up...possibly some needle-toothed blue ape. It's quite dead and a trail of blood indicates that others might have been caught in a small altercation and escaped into the woods. But the quad cannot be deterred from their original goal: TREASURE!!

Mere minutes later a duo of these odd creatures are stumbled upon and one is made a companion...His name is Grak and he speaks a halting dialect of common. He agrees for 4 silver "shinies" to lead the group to the tombs.

Once there it is obvious that it's been just recently broken into. The blue-skinned knuckle draggers are inside and battle is avoided by adroit negotiation. Six of them leave...

But through the next chamber is the "chief" and he's mighty pissed. The fight is joined but it doesn't last long as the four take the blue demihumans down. Only Clifford is injured.

A total of 5 rooms are explored. The last two prove the most troublesome; The next to last contains some type of desiccated undead who attacks the group w/ a hammer. He hisses and weezes that Therex will take revenge for this intrusion. He fells poor Aldred and creates confusion, but alas, he falls to the blades and hammers of the adventurers. Still, the pit-trap and battle have worn our hearty adventurers down.

They rest for 15 minutes, bind their wounds and drink some fortifying wine. (oh, and let's not forget a cleric's spell) And on they go.

The last room contains some type of earth spirit who eerily sounds just like Therex again! But this is the jackpot and the fight is well worth it. Eventually the spirit succumbs and the loot is won.

3 sword hilts w/ tiger-eye pommel gems
6 blood amber cups
60 pieces of silver (ancient in design)
The hammer of Therex
Some type of brass insect (cunningly and intricately wrought)

As the hearty looters adventurers take their leave they realize they are being pursued by yet more dead guardians. Will this never stop?! They easily outrun the implacable advance...But to what extent?

They regain the fortress and head for the chapel. There they meet Father Motter and hand over the corpse of their ex-comrade, Aldred, for preparation for burial. Which will take place upon the morrow. All are invited!!

Until we reconvene again...


  1. Rohvar Kessel of the Fallen Duchy of Leherti.

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  2. Note to self: When (if) we get back to Wildsgate, see if Old Man Peabody, excuse me, Nazost the Scrivener (or Father Motter for that matter) know anything about the strange bird like iconography we found in the tomb, also known as Aldred's Demise.